30 July 2010

Metro App Near 1000 downloads

So in the last two weeks, nearly 1000 people have downloaded my little metro app. It looks like most of the response has been favorable, but I've noticed a few crashes that people have reported. I should be able to take care of those (it appears to be related to getting your location for the 'nearest station' feature). Look forward to an update hopefully later this weekend.

12 July 2010

Metro App Released!

After far, far too much tinkering, I finally bit the bullet and decided to release my Washington DC Metro app for Android. It's about damn time -- the thing has been ready to go (except for a single typo) for over a month. This is my first Android app, but I use it fairly often (daily, if I remember) to check on the status of the trains on my way to and from work. Homepage for the software is here. Enjoy!