23 August 2009

More Posts

(From XKCD #621)

So, judging by the dust here, I guess my promise to post more was inaccurate, making me feel kinda like the poor guy in the above comic. Fortunately, I have the opposite problem -- I have so much that I want to post about that I end up with no time to post! Here's hoping another go at this whole blogging thing will take care of that. It's been a busy six months for me -- Urmi's graduation, moving across the country, lots of travelling, our client's satellite launched, and more. Busy busy busy. So, anyways, here's yet another promise for more posting in the future. Look forward to reviews of Ponyo and Julie and Julia, as well as of my latest favorite book series, Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series. Maybe even a few recipes that Urmi and I have been working on.