29 November 2008

Mumbai Attacks

In a change of pace from my typical bloggish ramblings, I'd just like to say that the attacks in Mumbai frighten me in a way that the 9/11 attacks never did. Part of that is because my wife was good friends with one of the people killed in the attack on the Cafe Leopold. Another part is just the different nature of the attacks. On 9/11, I watched (on TV) the second plane hit the towers, and even watched the towers fall. However, as indiscriminate and horrifying as those attacks were, the attacks in Mumbai were more akin to a full invasion by a small strike force. The invading army seized specific points of interest and held them as long as possible, in this case, for three days. This is a markedly different kind of attack from previous terror attacks (particularly in India) which were mostly bombings, including 9/11. I find it amazing that less than a hundred trained soldiers can take and hold what amounts to, essentially, an entire city for three days, even when fighting against the collective army and navy of one of the world's newest major players.

I suggest that my (precious few) readers please find a good charity to donate to. However, keep in mind that most of those affected by the attacks in Mumbai were the elite of India -- the business and political leaders -- as well as tourists. Not to belittle their tragedy, but the poor of India could use support as well. There are hundreds of charities operating in India, such as AID India, which could use your support as well.

Edit (30 Nov): Urmi asked me to point out that the person killed was engaged to her wingmate at school, who was one of the people interviewed in the Times of India article. Also, it appears that the entire attack was carried out by only ten people, which makes it all the more scary. I had originally thought it was closer to fifty.

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