24 September 2008


So I decided to check out this Twitter thing... My account is available here to anyone who wants to read the badly typo'd tweets coming from my smart phone. Apparently it's a pretty big deal (tm) and I'm totally square for not getting in on it the instant it went live. Oh well. I'm sure that my brothers feel the same way about me and facebook.

Twitter is an interesting concept to me, largely because I'm not sure how much detail to give about my day-to-day life. Some people appear to use it to chat, some just to write about what they're doing (as the site suggests you should write). Others, however, are much more ambitious. One of my favorite web comics -- Girl Genius (it's awesome -- big machines, steam power, the works) -- has a spin off novella that is being written via twitter. Even the Mars Phoenix has a twitter application, although the lag (up to a half hour) may interfere with its ability to keep us truly in the loop. Anyways, it looks like a pretty neat thing.

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