22 September 2008

Samsung i760

So, last week, my boss offered to purchase me a new phone on the company plan. I believe this is merely a trick to get me to use my cell phone for work, but, being a sucker for fancy gadgets, I decided to go ahead. We went to Verizon and picked up a fancy new Samsung i760, a Windows Mobile smart phone which the Wikipedia article proves is more amazingly awesome than I had first suspected.

I'm not too crazy about the Windows part of that, but I wanted a phone that could be extended pretty easily. With a Windows Mobile phone, there's a plethora of simple apps out there that I can install for free. If I'm willing to spend money, I can get even more. In fact, if I'm ever feeling particularly adventurous, I can even get a version of Qt for Windows CE, which would allow me to even write my *own* applications, such as the interest calculator I just demonstrated.

For the moment, however, I'm just enjoying having an internet device the size of my hand. It doesn't quite replace a computer, but it's getting there. Unfortunately, it appears that (as usual) Verizon is behind on the times.

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