09 February 2009

Kindle 2

(Source: Amazon)
So Amazon has finally unveiled their upgraded version of the Kindle. Urmi bought me one of the original editions of the Kindle and I absolutely love it. For me, it's well worth the price tag -- I read so much that I may actually be saving more than the Kindle's original (admittedly hefty) price tag. When you throw in free books available online (such as from Cory Doctrowow, the Mobile Read forums, and many more), ebook readers such as the kindle become even cheaper. However, I don't think I'll be upgrading unless my Kindle suffers some sort of unforeseen catastrophe. The new one looks great (check out the comparison with a pencil), but I like my current one quite a bit. I actually quite like the larger buttons and the wedge-shaped chassis. Etexts are small enough that I think I'm still well short of the original, built-in space, although I did purchase a 2GB expansion card for it. Anyways, I'll be excited to see what comes next for etext readers such as the Kindle. Maybe the Kindle 3 will be the etext reader that ends up cornering the market -- I don't know if the Kindle 2 will be able to do it quite yet.

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