08 November 2008

Interest application improvements

So I've decided to clean up my interest application a bit more... A few improvements that I added are as follows:
  • Algorithmic Improvements
    Everything is still binary search, but the program is now capable of searching a much wider array of possibilities.
  • Radio Buttons

    The radio buttons on the right side of the screen allow the user to control which item is being searched for. For example, if the user has 'Number' selected, then hits compute, then the Number is searched for even if it is not blank. This allows you to search different cases much more quickly. GnuCash (the inspiration for the original program) did not have this feature, but I think it works much better.
  • About Screen

    Pretty simple, but important nonetheless.
I'm quite pleased with how the overall is looking. Of course, there's no real reason to improve it any more. I think I'll play with it a bit more and then probably release it, possibly under a Creative Commons license. It'll take some time to figure the whole licensing thing out -- I'm using a Qt opensource edition to write this, so I have additional legal restrictions placed on me -- but, once I figure it out, I'll post here again.

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