15 September 2008

News Roundup - Economic Crisis Edition

So it appears that the US economy has finally decided that it was, indeed, prone to collapse. This is quite sad after showing signs of recovery for the last several months. However, one thing has me puzzled. I understand that the collapse of Lehman Brothers is a Big Deal (tm) for investment banking. What does it have to do with the larger economy? This may be my naivette speaking here, but what does this have to do with the balance in my checking account? As I understand things, the FDIC ensures that I will continue to have access to my money, unless my income increases significantly over the next several months. What about the merger news on Wall Street? A part of me is worried about all this financial news, but another part of me is just worried that this is all FUD that doesn't really effect me other than the Fed interest rate reducing the amount I receive in interest on my savings account.

In other news, it appears that my new dual quad-core machine at work is already obsolete. That's kind of sad. I wish I had 12 cores rather than 8.

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