31 August 2008

News Roundup: Gustav Edition

It looks like Operation: Destroy New Orleans has a new chapter. The storm is currently (at least, as of this posting) over Cuba, at least a day from New Orleans. I guess that after the disastrous turn of events last time, the government of New Orleans isn't leaving anything to chance and is already evacuating the city. I'm not sure what to think about that. It takes quite a bit of certainty to evacuate a city when the storm is still over a day away, and still category three. It also shows that the government is pretty certain that the repairs made to the storm levees are insufficient to stop the storm surge. Additionally, the media is being strangely silent on what New Orleans is doing about its massive population of lower income residents, Are they fleeing as well? How? In any case, I'm not certain that New Orleans is handling this proto-crisis any better than they did the previous one.

In other news, the Republican convention is already being affected by the storm. I thought they were in Minneapolis already?

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