12 August 2008

News Roundup - 2008.08.12

Some interesting news articles I've been following...
  • AFP: Hackers hacked at infamous DefCon gathering
  • I'm not sure how much sense the article title makes, but it appears that some crackers at the annual Defcon gathering presented an interesting technique which would exploit the trust-based routing protocols used on the internet to create a mass-scale man-in-the-middle attack. I'm not sure how feasible this technique is. A computer employing it would be flooded would so much data that there would be little chance to filter it and do anything interesting. Besides, using this to gather information would be a little like trying to cook a steak to medium rare using an atomic bomb.
    I've always wanted to go to Defcon and hear about all the cool stuff people come up with. Oh well, maybe some other time.
  • Abhinav Bindra wins 10m air rifle gold
  • It appears that India has won its first individual gold medal at any Olympics, with Abhinav Bindra taking the gold in the 10m air rifle event. The last time India won a gold medal at the Olympics was in 1980 for Field Hockey. Interesting fact: I remember reading an article about Bindra from last year where he was complaining because the Indian government was refusing to buy him practice ammunition, citing the cost. I guess it turned out okay in the end.
  • Russia and Georgia continue attacks--online
  • The physical battle appears to be more-or-less over, but the war continues in cyberspace, with Russian bot-nets attacking official Georgian websites. I find it fascinating that internet attacks are becoming more and more common alongside actual military maneuvers. Of course, some of this may be completely unofficial, but then, who can really say? I'm just glad things aren't turning out like in Charles Stross's Halting State.

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